The First Boxing Day


The First Boxing Day – by James L. Orwin

After an explosion in a hut, the power to two very important workshops has been cut, halting the production of both toys and books, and jeopardizing Christmas. There’s no denying that Father Christmas is worried. What can he do to fix the problem and to help the moilers finish their tasks. After all, it’s almost time to load up the sleigh – which is safely parked outside in the snow. He has an idea! And the moilers in the Design Room can help.

In the end, of course, everything turns out fine. But Father Christmas wants to treat the moilers for working so hard to save Christmas. He locks himself in his own workshop and begins putting together a surprise for the day after Christmas, when all the presents have been delivered, and everyone can relax until the preparations begin for next Christmas.

Several of the moilers are featured in this tale: Patrick (the Design Room Controller), Alex (the main designer), Lofty (the Games workshop Controller), and Dizzi (the shyest, but most helpful of all the moilers).

Two special friends of Father Christmas also play crucial roles: the North Wind and an un-named ptarmigan.

How does Father Christmas overcome his difficulties? You’ll have to read the story to find out.